Pippeting Aid PlatR

Pipetting Errors are Finally a Thing of the Past

PlatR is used by several renowned laboratories all over the world.

Pipetting with PlatR

Avoid Mistakes

Pipetting errors cost more than you would have thought! Discarding two microtiter plates already amount to the price of PlatR.

Do More

By illuminating appropriate wells on your plate, PlatR saves valuable time and allows you to pipette faster. Using PlatR, your throughput can be increased up to 50%.

Stay Focused

PlatR enables effortless micropipetting and consequently helps you stay relaxed and concentrated after hours of manual pipetting.

26.7% faster pipetting, 0% pipetting errors

PlatR is an affordable alternative when a laboratory robot is an overkill. For the price of a set of pipettes, you will permanently improve your efficiency, eliminate errors and save on reagents.

Hence, your investment in PlatR will return in months! Read the whitepaper for details.

PlatR Software Comes with Samsung Galaxy Tab

Suitable for Lab

Included Samsung Galaxy Tab is handy and extremely resilient. Its size is suitable for lab use and its touch screen is made from high quality Gorilla glass.


PlatR can be easily decontaminated in the lab using a soft cloth or lint-free tissue dipped in distilled water, simple soap solution, ethanol or DNA/RNAse remover.

No Risks

The screen does not heat up and does not cause evaporation of samples/reagents. Disinfection with UV light does not affect PlatR’s functions.

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