Laboratory digitalization
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Our experienced digitalization consultants help you fill the gaps in digital technologies and culture.

Laboratory digitalization is a part of your strategy. But how do you do it?

A laboratory digitalization consulting is designed to assess the current state in your laboratories, identify the gaps and suggest solutions that are worth implementing. We will help you set up digitalization strategy, follow your progress and make sure that everyone adopts a digital culture. This way you’re ready for long-term success in digitalization.

Digital culture change does not come by itself. It needs to be invested in.

Digitalization is a cultural change. Motivating users to use new technologies is, therefore, the main focus of each digitalization project. Users are the tipping point between success and failure. Even the best technological solutions are failed investments if nobody uses them.

We were there when it all started…

We are the pioneers in laboratory digitalization. Creating a digital change is in our genes.


of digitalization projects fail.

We understand what can go wrong and act to avoid failure.


years of experience in lab digitalization.

We work with single labs and organizations with 2000+ labs.


users of our ELN SciNote.

Digital lab culture is in our DNA – and we helped to design it.

“A good user adoption strategy can make the difference between success and failure of digitalization.”


Our approach to creating a digital laboratory

Digitalization is a long-distance run. It has an enormous impact on how your organization lives and breathes. In our projects, we follow a 5-step framework. We work hands-on, but never hijack your team – we only interrupt when necessary.

01 Define the scope of digitalization

We begin with identifying your challenges and long-term vision. This tells us which types and how many laboratories will be digitalized. Together with you we also determine the main goals of digitalization.

02 Assess the current state

Next step is to assess where you’re standing today. Here we perform a gap analysis and suggest solutions. We also survey and interview your staff to get valuable feedback from the field.

03 Promote the digital culture

This is the most crucial part of the framework. Here you will present the materials to decision-makers and your laboratory staff. Don’t worry – we’ll prepare you for this.

04 Implementation plan

Now it’s time to start planning the change. We plan the strategy for both cultural and technological change. Together we’ll define the timelines, milestones and resources.

05 Implement

Implementation should be done gradually. We start on a pilot scale (single laboratory), then reflect on what worked and what did not. Then we do several iterations of this process, each time including a larger audience.

10-Step Guide to Digitalizing your Lab

Digitalization is a complex process that needs to be carefully planned and executed. To help you get started we prepared a 10-Step Guide to Digitalizing your Laboratory.

We’ve built software for some big names

Through the years we have helped great companies and laboratories digitalizing and optimizing their processes. We can help you too.